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The Barracks is where you train infantry to use in battle. After each battle, you will need to retrain troops to replace troops expended in battle. Upgrading the barracks unlocks new types of infantry with more specialized roles.

The EmpireEdit

Level Hitpoints Training Capacity Cost Time Unlocked Unit
1 3,000 20 1,000 30s
Storm Trooper
Empire baracks lvl2 2 4,500 25 2,000 15m
Phase II Dark Trooper
Empire barracks lvl3 3 5,400 30
Image2 (2)
Empire barracks lvl4 4 7,200 35 30,000 12h
Image6 (2)
Empire barracks lvl5 5 8,700 40 75,000 1d
Image3 (2)
Empire barracks lvl6 6 10,200 45 275,000 1d 12h
Image7 (2)
Empire barracks lvl7 7 11,700 50 400,000
Image4 (2)

Stormtrooper'- The standard troops of the Empire, Stormtroopers emerge from the galaxy's academies with unthinking loyalty to the Imperial cause. As combat generalists, pthey are best used in large numbers to overwhelm foes. Unlocked at Barracks level 1. When done training, they say "Yes Sir".

Phase II Dark Trooper - Experimental Imperial units, Phase II Dark Troopers are heavily armored and storm enemy defenses with assault cannons. Unlocked at Barracks level 2.

Scout Trooper - Lightly armored scout troopers are expert marksman train in reconnaissance and infiltration and are most effective at attacking resource buildings. Unlocked at Barracks level 3.

Dewback Trooper - These Stormtroopers control their dewback mounts through jolts of electricity, driving the maddened beasts to batter down any walls that stand between them and enemy Turrets. Unlocked at Barracks level 4.

Repair Droid - Repair droids are highly specialized probes used to make field repairs to vehicles in the heat of combat. However due to their bulky equipment they don't carry offensive weapons of their own. Unlocked at Barracks level 5.

Heavy Stormtrooper - Heavy Weapons Stormtroopers carry extremely powerful rapid fire blaster weapons designed to level whatever they encounter. They trade this increased offense with decreased defence however, so screen for them with more durable units. Unlocked at Barracks level 6.

Sniper Trooper - Sniper Troopers are specialist units pulled from the Scout Trooper ranks and trained to use a E-11s blaster rifle fitted for long range combat. They excel at destroying infantry, vehicles, and heroes, but have low health and mobility. Unlocked at Barracks level 7.

Shock Trooper - Shock Troops are elite troops pulled from the Stormtrooper corps and equipped with a powerful rocket launcher designed to break down multiple walls from long range. They deal very high damage to walls, but are slow and have trouble destroying Turrets. Unlocked with Campaign Reward.