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The Headquarters is the nexus of your base and the level of your HQ directly affects the maximum level of every other building you can build as well as whether or not you can build them at all. Upgrading the HQ increases its health and unlocks new levels of other base buildings.

The Empire[]

Level Hitpoints Cost Time Unlocked Buildings
197px 1 N/A N/A N/A
197px 2 15,000 1,500 30s
197px 3 18,000 9,000 4h Imperial Proton Morter Turret
Empire HQ LVL 4.jpg
4 24,000 45,000 24h Scout Tower

Hero Command

197px 5 29,000 135,000 4d
197px 6 34,000 275,000 6d
Empire headquarters lvl7.png 7 39,000 750,000 1w 1d +2 Turrets; +10 Walls
197px 8 44,000 900,000 1w 3d +10 Walls; +1 Credit Vault; +1 Alloy Depot; +2 Turrets