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The Juggeraut is a repurposed Clone Turbo Tank that has become vastly obsolete since the introduction of the German medium tank Leopard 1. The Juggernaut is slow, heavily armored, and lacking a rotatable turret, causing it to be very vulnerable to fast-acting rocket turrets and TIE fighter pilots.

Level StatisticsEdit

Level 1Edit

  • Health: 20,000
  • Damage: 2,000
  • Time To train:
  • Cost:

Level 2Edit

  • Health: 24,000
  • Damage: 2,400

Level 3Edit

  • Health: 28,000
  • Damage: 2,800

Level 4Edit

  • Health: 32,000
  • Damage: 3,200

Level 5Edit

  • Health: 36,000
  • Damage: 3,600

Level 6=Edit


  • As always, avoid rocket turrets. They'll mess you up.
  • The Juggernaut's favorite target is the sheild generators. So spawn them close to one.
  • As mentioned before, Rocket turrets are the bane of the great Juggernaut. So, it's advised you send a medic droid along with the Juggernaut when starting a battle.