The Galactic Empire
Darth Vader explains how useful your skills would be to the Empire's cause.
Some attributes
Iconic Leader(s) Darth Vader
Commanding Officer(s) Captain Kosh and General Veers
Iconic Troop Type All-Terrain (AT-series) mechanized vehicles
Other attributes
Side of the Force Dark side

The Galactic Empire is one of the two factions the player may align with in Star Wars: Commander. The Empire is characterized by being ruthless and intimidating, considering the amount of destructive machinery they have.

Military of the Galactic EmpireEdit

When a player starts, they will have early access to Imperial vehicles, unlike the Rebels, who instead receive the Hero Command first. This promotes the use of overwhelming amounts of expendable units, which becomes a very costly strategy, not to mention that it may cause some lag.

Infantry Edit


Heroes Edit

Starships Edit