The Rebel Alliance
Some attributes
Iconic Leader(s) Princess Leia and Han Solo
Commanding Officer(s) Jennica
Iconic Troop Type Receives heroes early
Other attributes
The Rebel Alliance is one of the two factions the player may align with in Star Wars: Commander. The Rebels are characterized as a small, hardy, and constantly outnumbered alliance, with only their paint-peeled turrets, heroes, and tiny militia to help them.

Military of the Rebel Alliance Edit

When a player starts, they will have early access to Rebel heroes, unlike the Imperial commanders who are granted a factory first. Seeing as one can only train one of each type of hero, the Rebels learn very quickly that using only enough troops and saving heroes for hard battles is key. The basic units are as follows:

Rebel MissionsEdit

Missions are a great source of income and help you to learn your way about the game. Missions can be one of three things: Attacks, where the goal is to destroy and enemy base or troops. Defense, where the goal is to keep your base safe against attacking imperials and other aboriginal raiders. And base improvement, where the storyline tells you when you should build or upgrade troops or buildings. Of course you are allowed to build and upgrade faster then the storyline tells. The story is divided up into 12 chapters, each Chapter is divided into a different number of missions.